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  • Your clothing is extremely comfortable, versatile, and the epitome of green innovation. I've since gotten many compliments and love having your apparel.

    Natalie Stevenson

  • Thanks for your call. It is so nice to have such a response and a "real" company who would reach out to correct an issue.

    Ellen Byrd

  • "I love the Alpine V-neck top!! I have had a hard time finding T-shirts that would fit nicely and be of good quality - until I found your company, that is. I can't believe how well the Alpine V-neck top fits me and how comfortable it is. I love the colors, too! Thanks for making such high-quality products! And thank you for protecting the environment."

    Terhi Stratton

  • We've been doing weekend pop-up shops in Boston and the weather is PERFECT for lur right now. The fabric weight is just right for fall. People are snapping it up! I'm getting online orders too, and when I place an order, it's pretty much always triggered by an online order that I don't have the inventory for, and then I stock up on other things. I expect online sales to go up once I re-post a few top-selling lur items at the top of our clothing category. Thanks for producing a fabulous eco product! I'm stoked for the new designs too!!!

    Mary Savoca

  • "I am so impressed by your company's philosophy that I made lur one of our featured shops"

    Linda Wolfe

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